Sunday, June 30, 2019


It’s a [Pseudo] Black Thing, Wouldn’t Understand

Why is it that so many left wing black citizens who take it upon themselves to speak for black people don’t look like black people? It hadn’t even occurred to me that Valarie Jarret, Kamala Harris, or Corey Booker were black. Add to that their privileged upbringing and you’ve got a typical leftist political con. Ironically, Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, and Herman Cain actually look black, have less privileged upbringings, and don’t make a constant point of identifying themselves with victimhood.

If one is not black, we may not understand. If one is appraising the sincerity of many high-profile blacks on the left, we can “understand” all too well.

The bullshit of leftist victimhood is an equal opportunity scheme. For them, the goal is always the socialist game plan and they’ll milk resentment in any way they can.

Nonsense, as usual.

Friday, June 28, 2019


Seven Minutes of...

Peace, relaxation, and awe. This may be a bit off script but it’s truly some masterful video footage, music, and editing.

If you like putting your brain in alpha state you won’t be disappointed.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Money is Power and, for the State, Manipulation and Deception are the Tools-of-Trade

I’m sure some people elsewhere are noting this, and I really don’t want to be seen as a follower of conspiracy theories but... At this point it should be clear that the “deep state,” “establishment,” or whatever you want to call it, will use any resource at its disposal to stop Donald Trump from his program of “Making America [a limited constitutional republic] Again.”

I don’t know how much of conspiracy lore is accurate regarding the Federal Reserve and powerful financial institutions but I certainly wouldn’t put it past them to deliberately throw a wrench into our current economic vitality for the sole purpose of helping the government “get its country back.” For the statist/globalist cabal, Donald Trump must be made to look bad and thwarted at all costs.

There is no conspiracy theory wild or crazy enough to not have an element of truth to it when it comes to power players of globalist social control using every underhanded means possible to reestablish their control. Add to this the now obvious concerted effort by media and tech platforms to sway the next election and...It’s going to be hilarious watching them all squirm when Trump wins again in-spite of their overwhelming efforts.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


“I Love the Chinese Communist Party”

You can’t get more Orwellian than this.

This is the mentality and style of governance that will be fostered upon what remains of free society if the likes of America’s new Socialist-Democrat party gains the absolute power they seek. We see hints of it on college campuses, in high tech social media purges, and the raised fists of Antifa and other brutal Marxist networks.

This is not hyperbole or caricature. This is exactly the way socialism always plays out. It’s not about Danish style welfare programs or Swedish style healthcare. It’s always about establishing and enforcing obedience to an ideology that ultimately seeks to control and punish.

Anyone who supports this ideology should be honest enough to acknowledge that what they believe in has nothing to do with “social justice,” “equality,” or “compassion.”

...They are evil incarnate.

Friday, June 21, 2019


“For Social Justice”...Deny Reality

A lot can be said regarding the debate over mass “immigration” (invasion). I’m going to keep it simple: Why is this even a debatable issue?!

It appears that with all issues now, the left’s strategy is to take the most obvious, time-tested, and common sense appraisals and turn them into issues for debate. “Red is red and blue is blue? How do you know? Some people might think that blue is a longer wave of radiation. As a matter of fact if you don’t believe that, you’re a bad person and must be silenced.”

Even most of the animal kingdom recognizes territory of some kind. Do we need to piss around our borders to make it clear that you can’t just waltz into a country just because you demand to and have the backing of some socialist idiots?

In another bogus scheme of relativist mind-games, the left once again shows itself to be unaware of what any wolf or sparrow knows. What’s next, a demand that cell membranes be abolished.


Monday, June 17, 2019


Poll-ish Sausage

What’s up with these polls? Really? Like many people who like to comment on the events of the day, I like to think that I’m fairly insightful but...Sometimes I just have to admit that I don’t have a conclusive answer to an issue.

All logic and appraisal of facts and variables would tell me that Donald Trump would easily win reelection, particularly in view of the caliber and style of his opponents.

Polls in the past have certainly been wrong. In the last presidential election they were spectacularly wrong. Everyone but Hillary and some diehard leftist fools knows that she actually lost that election. Reasonably intelligent people can also understand why.

Practically every current poll, including one done by FOX NEWS and supposedly a leaked internal poll from Trump’s campaign, show the president trailing Joe Biden (Joe Biden!) by ten points. Similar for Bernie - Soviet - Sanders and a few other random clowns from the Jacobin/Democrat party.

So, we are to believe that, by a wide margin, people prefer uncontrolled migration, higher taxes, the Obama economy over the current one, and favor the global abstraction over our own country’s citizens — Really?

The part that really puzzles me is that Trump’s negatives (unpredictability, course comments, excessive tweets, etc.) are the same as they were when he won the last election. Many independents took a chance and voted for his promises on the economy and immigration, etc. in spite of personality issues. This time there’s no need to “take a chance.” He’s produced — with the economy, spectacularly. So now, these same people want to go with a Hillary clone equally absent in Charisma and full of deep-state establishment ties?

I don’t expect the average voter to care about encroaching globalist creep or deep sate attempts to establish maximum statist authority. I do expect them to look at people like Joe Biden and wonder why he’s even running.

In addition to the actual Democrats currently running for president are the many mouthpieces of the party in the news; commissar Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler. In a humming economy, this is what the majority of voters want for their country?...Something isn’t right here.

Supposedly, a significant portion of the public wants to “fundamentally transform” America — to throw in the towel on a prosperous constitutional republic and establish a powerful authoritarian state for the cause of “equality.”

All logic tells me that the aforementioned trends are impossible. On the frightening flip side is the very real possibility that decades of establishment PR in schools, journalism, and “entertainment” have effectively tipped the scales in favor of imposed subservience to a punitive political elite.

If the left effectively gains power in the coming election, we can be sure they will be less complacent about establishing their “revolution.” The electoral college, the Supreme court, and the bureaucracy will all be set to overdrive and there will be no turning back. Guns will be confiscated, healthcare “standards” (rules) will be imposed. Every niche of a persons life will be regulated and dissenting voices will squashed and punished (they’ve been pretty effective in pulling that stunt off already). This is not hyperbole. One need only listen to the likes of commissar Cortez to realize that today’s Democrat party is on a mission and their goal is not a mere Scandinavian welfare state.

I would love to simply write the latest polls off as contrived aberrations or manipulation of the type we see in skewing search engine results or “fact checking.”

Those who love centralized power and a heavily constrained human spirit are archetypal. They have always been with us and will never leave us (or leave us alone).

Their time may have — again — come. Not good for civilization or human dignity.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019


The Race to the Past

Opinion polls currently show Joe Biden beating Trump by as much as ten points. Is it the charisma? Is it the untarnished reputation and lack of corruption? Is it his youthful vigor and dynamic energy? Is it because he’s the closest thing to Hillary Clinton (aside from being male...Hillary was female, I think). Is it because voters know he can get the economy back on track from its current dismal state? I think it’s the obvious fact that voters and businesses want more regulation over their lives, higher taxes, and social crusades to upend the cultural standards of centuries.

The polls are now, once again, adhering to the same level of objectivity and honesty as Wikipedia, numerous “fact check” sites, and of course, those guardians of truth, establishment media and cocktail leftism.

Remember, Biden is a shoe in and if you act quickly there’s still plenty of quality swampland for sale in downtown Los Angeles.

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